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Social media is growing in popularity but sometime it can seem a little daunting. One Beat is here to take the fuss out of social media. We can start at the beginning, creating new profiles on all of the key social media platforms or transform existing profiles into thriving hotbeds of activity.



What We Do


tweetimageSocial media management can not only be time consuming but also requires an creative understanding of the brand. The Social Media Gurus at One Beat will not only monitor and update content on your behalf, but will also take the time to develop an understanding of your unique business perspective and goals.

The content we post will be tailored for your individual company’s needs with the aim to drive traffic to your website and increase customer engagement.



What does a Dedicated Social Media Guru do for me?


guruimageYour personal guru will monitor and manage aspects of your business’s online presence. They will engage with your customers on your behalf, answering potential and current customer questions and tracking the analytics for your accounts. They are also available to help with one-off promotions such as events and discount codes which you would like to share via social media. These updates can be targeted and scheduled specifically to reach your target audience.


We Create Branded Graphics for your Social Media Accounts


socialmediaimage One Beat understand the importance of keeping a consist brand image across all your marketing activities, including social media. We will create beautiful, custom graphicsthat will demonstrate a level of familiarity and professionalism to all your current and new followers. If your business is already set up with great graphics then we will merely adjust those to fit your new social media platforms.

Content Generation


contentimage Creative content is the key to successful social media. One Beat will create unique content based on your company’s product or business. The content we create will not only speak to those engaging on the specific platform, but also to your target audience. Your Guru will ensure that the content is sent through the right channels at the right time to ensure that it reaches your audience when they are most available to view it. You as the client dictate how much involvement you wish to have in this content generation, where it be a hands-off or full engagement with this process.



Get In Touch


If you would like to launch your social media please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help!


For more information, please drop us a line! Email: Tel: 07817055697


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